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  • Sarah Herr

Goose Leadership

I had recently read "Lessons from Geese", a speech given by Angeles Arrien. I'll share some highlights and the link below should you wish to read further.

We are all aware of the typical "V" formation as we see geese travelling together. The goose at the head of the V rotates. As the goose tires, it rotates back into the formation and another goose flies into the head position. This is the toughest position with the most wind resistance and it is a position shared by those strong enough to carry it and smart enough to step out when they tire.

We can learn a lot from this type of leadership;

1) The role of the leader is a tough position and having the same leader in all tasks can be very tiring.

2) Alternating this position is to the benefit of the team as a whole

3) Mindfulness can carry your team a long way.

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