"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

- Henry Ford -

Animal Shelter Building


Working with a team in my community to build cat and dog shelters for the extreme weather (both hot and cold). This was also an opportunity to discuss basic animal care, signs of frostbite or heat exhaustion in your pet and to identify additional needs within the community. From this came the development of a pet food program and annual wellness clinics are held in partnership with local vets to Provide Rabies Vaccines, on site heartworm testing & management and other important vaccines (i.e. Bordetella, Lyme)

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Mental Wellness Team Building


This involved working together several Indigenous communities and a Political Territorial Organization around the subject of Crisis Management & Mental Wellness. This project worked with communities at varying levels of emergency preparedness to determine methods of mutual support which included training, increased communication and how to manage during a crisis within Indigenous communities and those incidents that involve community members.

Needs Assessment & Data Analysis

This project began with a needs assessment conducted in each participating Indigenous Community regarding data collection and student success. This involved the participation of local School Boards, Education Departments and research into a variety of Data Systems that may meet the needs of the community. Discussions involved what is student success and how do we track it.

The overall intent was to find a system that would meet the community needs discovered during community consultations. In addition, many tools and process documents were developed to aid participating communities in the next steps of the process.

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